Contemporary Circus Arts Festival, Aarau

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cirqu' in the City Museum


From 7.5. until 4.7.2021

During two months - from May 7th to July 4th, 2021 the Stadtmuseum Aarau will be hosting Cirqu's exhibition of historical circus photos.
Visitors will be treated to an exhibition of circus-photographs from the Ringier photo archives.

These historic press photos provide insight into the circus practices of the past, highlighting many similarities and also supplying exciting opportunities for contrast between modern and historical circus forms. These can be found in dedicated spaces on the upper and lower floors of the museum.

The exhibition hall on the upper floor becomes a walk-on stage. The installations of various artists provide insight into their wonderfully diverse interdisciplinary work:
Wes Peden, 35 years old (30 of them spent juggling), appears on 25 screens;
Darragh McLoughlin presents reflections about balancing a staff; Angela Laurier, veteran contortionist, lets her body speak through sound; Jörg Müller records balance movements, a dance around the center of paper;Mädir Eugster's palm leaf mobile displays an extremely fragile, yet surprisingly stable balance; Roman Müller's machines perform circus-like movements without human intervention. This "stage" also offers space and the opportunity to try things out for yourself.

Artists in Residence: Sebastian Berger, Nina Wey and Laurence Felber, Marc Oosterhoff, Mirjam Hildbrand and För Künkel, Louisa Wruck
Works by: Angela Laurier, Mädir Eugster, Jörg Müller, Wes Peden - Eric Longuequel - Cie Ea Eo, Darragh McLoughlin - Squarehead Productions, Roman Müller - Tr'espace
Concept cirqu' at the Stadtmuseum: Roman Müller, Mirjam Hildbrand and Edith Szabò in collaboration with the team of the Stadtmuseum Aarau, under the direction of Laura Schuppli.

Residences in the City Museum

The event hall in the basement of the City Museum offers a rehearsal space for various circus artists. In one to two-week residencies, artists work on their own projects. They rehearse, work, think, speak - in short, they can devote themselves to their project in peace. Interested visitors gain insights into performance work processes at certain points and times. This is a special challenge for the artists, because they are not in the space with a finished work, but with pieces of ideas, with their experiments, with the unfinished and with the new.

The dates and further information on the residencies can be found at

The Residence Guests

Sebastian Berger & Christiane Hapt (AT), 3 - 16 May 2021
The jugglers balance a stick and look at themselves in the mirror: how does this redirection of the gaze change the relationship to object, space and body? They also explore the interplay of mirror and light: how does the beam of a torch refract across several mirrors?

Laurence Felber & Nina Wey (CH), 17 - 30 May 2021
The artists place movements on the trapeze in the centre of their interaction with the audience. In the museum and in the outdoor space.

Marc Oosterhoff (CH), 31 May - 6 June 2021
Piling up pallets, stacking them and bringing them into precarious balance: During his residency, the artist takes up the exploration of the tipping points of a pallet sculpture, working with objects and his body weight.

Louisa Wruck (DE), 18 June - 27 June 2021
The tightrope walker seeks a new approach to her practice: how can balance be maintained despite bending and twisting of the body? Is it possible to stand on the rope for several hours without losing focus?

Derrière l’absolu - exposition(s)

A picture exhibition in the City Museum as an extension of the play "L'absolu".

From 10 to 20 June, the Cie Les Choses de Rien will present the play "L'absolu" as part of the festival. It will be performed in a twelve-metre high, round building called "Le Silo". The artist and protagonist of the show, Boris Gibé, plays in and with the darkness of the space.

The desire to take the themes of "L'absolu" out of the darkness occurred; the idea was to create images outside in nature that could be read as echoes and extensions of the piece - without revealing its secret.

The works resulting from the collaboration with the photographer Jérôme Vila, around twenty in number, can be seen in the foyer of the Stadtmuseum Aarau from 10 to 20 June.