Contemporary Circus Arts Festival, Aarau

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We greatly appreciate your support and have made several easy ways available for you to do so:

  • Next year when you buy tickets for the festival, choose the category "Patron" when purchasing your tickets and support us a little extra with every ticket.

  • A one-off donation of the amount of your choice is most certainly welcome - use the Twint code below.

Become a cirqu'-Friend

The festival cirqu' can be supported in the form of a personal small patronage as a cirqu'friend'in. We have updated our concept for this patronage and implemented new ideas.

New: Support the Aarau Festival with a biennial donation (every two years). You decide how much you want to contribute.

  • From CHF 70/festival you will receive a personal invitation to the premiere and always up-to-date information about the festival.

  • From CHF 150/festival, in addition to the invitation to the premiere and current information about the festival, you will receive a lovely "cirqu'Freund'in" button, with which you will receive tickets at the box office at a reduced price*.
    * The button is non-transferable and is of course also valid for advance sales, but you don't need it for that.

  • From CHF 300/festival, in addition to the points mentioned above, you have the option of what is known as PreTicketing. This means that you can book your cirqu' tickets before the actual ticket start.

  • From CHF 500/festival, you will receive a 10-day festival pass and a «thank you drink» from us at the bar im Stall.