Contemporary Circus Arts Festival, Aarau

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Cooperation and partnerships

cirqu' is an active member of several different organizations and initiatives. Not only is cirqu' organizing the festival in Aarau, but is also actively promoting artists and further developing the contemporary circus as a genre.


Circusnext is a European circus label which currently consists of a network of 30 Partners from 17 different countries. Artists and authors can submit creative projects which are evaluated by a jury and then chosen by Circusnext. Once the artist has been selected, circusnext will provide support and help in several ways, for example with coaching and mentoring, with work accommodations and/or with promoting the artists. The current platform (2017-2021) will be sponsored by Creative Europe.
Cirqu' Aarau is an official member of Circusnext. Roman Müller has been a member of the jury since 2017.

The cirqu's audience has already had the pleasure to see several groups and artists supported by Circusnext. For instance, «Un loup pour l’homme, Alexander Vantournhout, Iona Kewney, Cie Sacékripa, Darragh McLoughlin, Compagnie DeFracto and Andrea Salustri» were mentored by circusnext during the beginning of their professional careers. Julian Vogel, who performed in Aarau in 2019, is a nominee for this year with «China Series».
This project is supported by ProHelvetia.

Circus Re:searched

Circus Re:searched is a cooperative project developed by cirqu', Berlin Circus Festival and Kreativ Kultur Wien, which focuses on the promotion of the contemporary circus in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
The project accompanies selected artists from the German-speaking region and enables them to engage in an interdiciplinary artistic research involving the art of the circus and other art forms, or to work on their respective projects. On one side, Circus Re:searched enhances the visibility of the contemporary circus in the German-speaking area and, on the other side, strenghtens the circus community of these three countries.
From 2019 to 2022, selected artists will have the opportunity to participate in residencies, performance events, feedback sessions and "Watch&Talk" formats in all three countries.

This project is supported by: ProHelvetia, Allianz Stiftung und Bundeskulturamt.