Contemporary Circus Arts Festival, Aarau

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cirqu' is a festival for and of Aarau. It is a complex operation, which requires financial resources, a staff and contributors, a helpful and enthusiastic city, an audience, and obviously artists. Although public financing covers the majority of the cost, other sources of financial support are necessary and very much appreciated. Since 2017, a loyal group of volunteers is helping with many important tasks, like advertising, or being present at the events, or setting up tents, etc. Moreover, in the old town, stores decorate their windows with the theme of the cirqu', the «Stadtmusik Aarau» performs during opening night, and Aarau's organizations collaborate to create a special atmosphere.

In order to continuously succeed in presenting a unique and exceptional festival, we are always looking for new supporters and members.
Contribute by becoming a «Friend» of the cirqu' (official membership), get involved as a sponsor, or share your ideas with us.

We are looking forward to it!


Become a cirqu'-volunteer

At every festival we need some volunteers to support us at the festival. Without helpers there would be no cirqu' festival.

We offer very exciting insights into an international circus festival, free tickets, a T-Shirt, food and many inspiring encounters. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us.